Air Purifier Technology

There are 3 kinds of Air Purifier Technology available in the market:
1. Ozone Generator
2. Electrostatic Air Purifiers
3. HEPA Air Purifiers


Air Purifier Technology: Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator removes strong odors, kills bacteria, mold and other microorganisms present in the area.

In this kind of Air Purifier Technology, Ozone is produced intentionally. It really is not effective as an air purifier, and not all are suitable for home use. They can turn out to be harmful for the family, due to production of ozone inside a room. An Ozone Generator used in a home can cause various health problems like respirator tract irritation and breathing difficulty among other things.

They, however, are fit for commercial applications to purify the air and remove various airborne particles, chemicals, mould, virus, bacterias and odours.

Ozone Generator Air Purifier Technology is not effective as home air purifiers, they are effective only at extremely high, unsafe ozone levels.

Air Purifier Technology: Electrostatic Air Purifiers

Electrostatic Air Purifiers use an electric charge to trap particles travelling in air stream, much like a Fly Catcher you see at almost all restaurants, and various kinds of shops. As it functions, charged particles stick to sides of internal filtering system on plates for collection. This Air Purifier Technology is only able to remove 30% of particles from the indoor air.

The real benefit of this Air Purifier Technology is that you only need to worry about cleaning the collection plates to make sure the Air Purifiers work at optimal efficiency, other than that they don’t require any maintenance. They, much like the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze Air Purifier range which uses the same Air Purifier Technology, don’t take in all the air of a room. They generally leave around 5% contaminated air of room to circulate without ever being processed.

Ionic Breeze air purifiers, have generally been given good ratings, and are readily available.

Air Purifier Technology: HEPA Air Purifiers

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Air Purifier Technology

The Air Purifier Technology behind HEPA Air Purifiers, High Efficiency Particulate Air, was developed in 1940s. It was widely used in medical cleanrooms, and they are the reason behind its popularity. Even after all these years, they are still the most reliable and effective technology for purifying air.

HEPA Air Filter equipped air purifiers absorb all particulate matter that is more than 0.03microns in size, like allergens, pollen, dust, dander and other allergy & asthma causing particles1. They absorb and purify 99.97% of the indoor air.

Some air purifiers, from the likes of Alen and Blueair, use a combination of HEPA and electrostaticity as their go to Air Purifier Technology. This combination allows these air purifiers to easily trap particles travelling in the air stream, thus gathering more particles, bringing the charged particles to HEPA air filter which captures them.

These air purifiers using HEPA Air Purifier Technology, absorb all kinds of bacteria, pollen, dust and microscopic particles, keeping the recirculated air inside your home clean, fresh and void of harmful contaminants.

  1. All harmful indoor air particles which cause allergy and asthma like symptoms are measured to be about 0.03microns and larger.