AirMint – a disposable, stick-on nasal filter


There’s been a smoke haze encompassing Delhi’s air following Diwali. Sale of Air Purifiers has increased manifolds since smoke took-over fresh air in Delhi. Even China is seeing smog refugees due to air being over polluted.

People have taken to face masks as they are the cheapest form of them and wearable while on move. Face masks cover half the face, have an air leakage problem and in general don’t ensure smooth breathing in general.

The Rhinix nasal filter is one of several concepts aimed at combating seasonal allergies. The clip goes under the septum.
IIT team’s stick-on air filter

A team of a current student, 2 alumni and their professor of IIT Delhi have come up with a better solution in the form of AirMint. AirMint is a stick-on nasal filter to protect its user from air pollutants. It is disposable & biodegradable and offers protection from fine particulate matters of 2.5. It is made of textile material with coating of nano-fibre, all of which is patented. The user just sticks it to periphery of the nostrils. It can be worn comfortably continuously for 8-10 hours.

The team behind AirMint is Jatin Kewlani (Cofounder & Civil Engineering student), alumni Prateek Sharma & Tushar Vyas, and Professor AK Agrawal. They have already received grant from Global Innovation & Technology Alliance (GITA), a joint venture of Confederation of Indian Industry and Department of Science & Technology, and have applied for other grants too. They have dispatched a batch for trial to a nonprofit in Bhutan, distributed it at an event in Guwahati and at a Gurugram hospital.