What is an Air Purifier?

An Air Purifier is a device designed to free air in a room from allergens, smoke, dust and other air-borne pollutants. A room air purifier thus proves beneficial to those who suffer from allergy, are asthmatic, and even to those who wish to reduce second-hand smoke cigarette smoke from the room.

They come in industrial grade units too. A commercial unit can is manufactured as small stand-alone units or larger units, to be affixed to an AHU (air hander unit) oor an HVAC. Some industries might use air purifiers to remove impurtites like CO2 from air before letting it into the building.

The air inside our homes is a directly impacted by the air outside, and air outside your own home is not getting cleaner, only worse, using an air purifier has become a neccessity rather than a luxury in many areas. Moreover, with lowering health of the generation, air purifier in room of an asthamatic patient would prove a boon for them.